Power is geographic.

future says_ we are proud to join existing cohorts and communities of advocates, scholars, workers, policymakers, journalists, and activists working to bring accountability and reparations to the tech ecosystem.

We do our work in a range of different and collaborative ways, from arts and culture events to funding calls for research, from holding workshops on digital advocacy to sharing reports from our tech accountability boards.

We will produce and publish resources that we know will be useful to those grappling with the policy, legal, and other issues we work on – whether this is a worker collaborative getting ready to introduce data rights to their membership or a policymaker looking for ideas and advice to write their next brief on autonomous vehicles and data management.


Keep updated – sporadically


It’s a two-way street – we love to hear about like-minded people and projects around the world. Let us know what you’re up to – maybe we can make something wonderful.